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Electronic chemical laboratory has completed the national natural science fund, fund of state key laboratory of coordination chemistry, ministry of science and technology of small and medium-sized enterprise innovation fund, natural science fund project in henan province, henan science and technology, opening up and achievements transformation project innovation fund, zhengzhou city, henan province outstanding talents important scientific research projects and other kinds of science and technology plan projects and more than 30 industry-university-institute cooperation projects.

In the past five years, he has presided over the following projects

1. Henan science and technology project "design and synthesis of organic oxygen-impurity luminescent materials" (project no. 182102210351)

2. Henan science and technology open cooperation project: development and application of chiral bidentate phosphine ligands for asymmetric hydrogenation (project no. 182106000015)

3. Scientific and technological development and application of norbornene derivatives in henan province (project no. 17210600063)

4. "research and development of organic phosphine heteroelectroluminescent materials" (project no. 174100510018)

5. Development of chiral ferrocene phosphine ligands (project no. 106000043)

6. National natural science foundation of China youth fund "study on synthesis and properties of phosphorescent platinum complexes containing heterocyclopentadiene structure" (project no. B021101)

7. "process development and application of chiral organic phosphine catalyst" (project no. 152102410079)

8. Henan science and technology achievements transformation project: development and application of diphenyl phosphine derivatives (project no. 142201210046)

9. Zhengzhou key project "design and development of bidentate phosphone-containing complexes" (project no. 141PZDGG218)